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Searching For Satoshi is billed as “a global detective story” told in a cinematic style. The doc will explore clues Nakamoto left and identify five candidates who may be the enigmatic character, two dead and three alive.

Cottagers and Indians Paul Kemp.jpg

Based on a play by acclaimed author Drew Hayden Taylor, Cottagers and Indians  follows Taylor on a cross-Canada exploration of the hotspots, historic conflicts, and peaceful co-existence that can occur when it comes to indigenous water and land rights. 

The Pretendians Poster 2x2.png

Drew Hayden Taylor journeys across Canada to tackle the explosive issue of who, and why, indigenous identity, culture, art and even tribes are being counterfeited by those who are not First Nations people.

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Fun-loving Ojibway author Drew Hayden Taylor explores everything from the weird and wacky, to the deep and profound ways Indigenous people are shaping North American culture in the 21st century.

Village of the Missing (2019) Paul Kemp

A film that explores the victims of 67-year-old serial killer Bruce McArthur, who was recently sentenced to life in prion for murdering eight men in Toronto, Ontario's Gay Village.


On October 1, 2019 Alberto Salazar, perhaps the greatest track coach on Earth, was suspended for doping violations. Did he do it?  Or is Salazar being victimized for his obsessive methods of pushing athletes to their absolute limits.

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The Rise of Jordan Peterson offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the firestorm sparked by psychology professor Jordan Peterson’s stance against Canadian human rights legislation in late 2016 and his meteoric rise to global fame for denouncing political correctness.

From white trash kid, to decorated U.S. Marine, to bodybuilder, to world record powerlifter, Matt Kroczaleski faces his most challenging feat of strength yet:

becoming a woman.

From the kissing bug to the cane toad, the Asian carp to the army worm, invasive species increasingly threaten our forests, waterways, food supplies and cities. This compelling four-part series examines the dangers posed by these relentless invaders, and profiles the dedicated scientists working tirelessly to find solutions - before it's too late.

In “Travel Safe Not Sorry” host Tobias Scott shows viewers how to take the fear out of trying new things while still enjoying adventure travel and extreme activities. Whether it’s climbing a 100-foot ice wall, paragliding off a rocky cliff, or exploring underwater caves, we discover that some of the crazy things we’ve always wanted to try aren’t as crazy as they seem – as long as they’re done right.

Searching for Winnetou explores the controversy surrounding cultural appropriation of Indigenous culture in an innovative, hilarious, unnerving, yet inspiring way. The film is a fascinating exploration of "cultural appreciation vs appropriation" from the perspective of one of Canada's most beloved Native writers, Drew Hayden Taylor.

Amazing Dog Tales celebrates our best friend and how dog 'culture' has become an integral part of our daily lives - at work and at play. From the informative to the wacky, join in as we explore the fascinating world of canine and human interaction both in and out of the dog park.

Join Dave LeBlanc as he explores North America to separate the simply trendy from the totally timeless. From hot spots to geek chic, he's on assignment to analyze architecture, fashion, gaming, graffiti, tattoos and a whole lot more. Does cool stand a chance in our jaded, digital world? The answer may surprise you!'

The Science of Sin is a documentary series that looks at the science behind the seven deadly sins: Lust, Wrath, Pride, Deception, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed & Envy.

“I Bet My Life,” a poker reality series that follows Kevin MacPhee and Liv Boeree. The couple heads to Monte Carlo for the PokerStars European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monaco.

This is a film about the enthralling world of gossip— sex, science, juicy scandals, history's chattering masses, and the dirt on fallen celebrity and politicians.

Portraits Of War offers an intimate look at Renowned Canadian Painter Alex Colville and Harold Morden, a combat evacuation medic and amateur photographer whose candid pictures captured life on the front lines with the Canadian Army during World War Two.

Host Tevya Heller dives into the spiritual teachings, customs & daily lives of young adults from all faiths and cultures around the globe!

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